Buying Tips

At Martin & Partners Real Estate we believe the real estate industry needs to go back to basics.

It’s simple, 

  • Communicate with our buyers to ensure they are always up to date
  • Care for buyers to ensure they are educated to make the right decision
  • Stand out through providing a higher level of service than expected


We have put together this handy guide to help you purchase your perfect home.

Location! Location! Location! 
It's the only factor about your property you cannot change, it is incredibly important to determine your needs and wants before looking for a property.
You will need to consider what aspects of a property are important to you, for example; new or old, number of bedrooms, bathrooms and car spaces. Letting your agent know as much information as possible will help them help you!
Talk to industry professionals. We believe being fully informed puts you in a winning position.

Talk to a real estate agent you can trust!

Reliable agents can be hard to find; however, in-depth market knowledge and relationships are a winning combination when it comes to purchasing your property. Being an active buyer can make the purchasing process very smooth. As a purchaser be careful not to make any split second decisions and don’t allow emotions to cloud your judgement, making informed decisions will benefit you in the future as well as now.

Lenders and Banks; know how much money you can borrow!

Mortgages are incredibly complex; knowing how much you can borrow often isn’t enough. Be sure to have Pre Approval organised, knowing where you stand and having a competitive interest rate could make a huge long term difference for your purchase.

Solicitors and Conveyancers; understand the legalities of property!

Property can often be a legal nightmare, having a good solicitor or conveyancer can make the process extremely smooth. Legal professionals will organise pest and building inspections at your request and liaise with your financial institution throughout the process.