Huge promises great price

Felipe was diffrent, more effort and there for us. He on of the most expensive but $30,000 more than other agents promised in price.Very good.

Vicky Hu

Effective, great result and fun to work with

He delivered on everything he promised. Highly recommed.


Felipe was great

Very knowledgeable providing a high quality service.
The team behind Felipe were also extremely helpful and
attended to all our requests. Highly recommend.


Happily Sold

“The whole team made us feel informed and confident we were in good hands.
How can I rate the team higher than excellent?!! If a one o’clock appointment was made the doorbell rang at one o’clock. If they said they would ring us, they rang us.”
When we decided to sell, we called in who we considered were the top two local agents. Both organizations “talked the talk” but at the end of the review, we had no hesitation in selecting Felipe Martin in Glenbrook. We looked at office locations, market knowledge and data base methodology, our decision was made easy by the professionalism of Felipe and the rest of the team at the Glenbrook office.”


Another Marvellous Result

“When my partner and I first met Felipe and Walid we were impressed by their enthusiasm, knowledge and very pleasant personalities. They proved to be very professional in selecting the right avenues for promoting the sale of our home, and keeping us fully informed. They are honest and thoroughly committed.
As a bonus, they even came and helped us prepare our home for the Open House.

We were pleasantly surprised by the sale price.  

My partner and I both highly recommend Felipe and Walid to anyone wishing an enjoyable and profitable selling experience.”