Company Profile

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The aim with M&P was always to build something different; something that goes back to basics: a company that works for the good of their clients, no matter what.

Our brand will be unlike our competitors. Our advertising will grab your attention, our designs will stand out to ensure all our properties are noticed. We will break the negative reputation that real estate agents traditionally hold.

Our dream is to buil­­d a business that stands out and attracts attention for all the right reasons. To achieve this, we believe that everything revolves around dedication to these three principles;



Find the right staff, with the right nature, good work ethics and the best intentions. When they are found it’s up to the company to deliver a productive, enjoyable environment where staff feel valued and respected. It’s also our responsibility to make sure staff are well trained and confident in their role to ensure our clients only receive the best from everyone in the team. Every member of the Martin & Partners team shares a passion for people and real estate. The main quality that is a must in our staff is a caring nature. Agents need to care about their owners, landlords, tenants and buyers. The job holds a huge responsibility, because they are dealing with people’s lives. Our goal as a company is to nurture the best agents and give them a positive, professional environment to thrive in and ensure that as they grow their roles and rewards grow.


The company’s main focus will always be its clients, whether it’s a landlord trusting us with their investment or a vendor selling their home through us. Real estate should be an exciting and rewarding experience; instead most people find the process to be negative and unenjoyable. The main priority will always be achieving the best result for them, with the least possible stress. Personal service, exceptional systems with high standards and a risk free agreement for our clients will mean we will stand out. We will provide the tools and they will be delivered by dedicated and talented staff who are proud of what they do and stand proudly to fight for their clients. If staff are happy, they will treat our clients better. Great systems mean the process is smooth and structured and highly trained and dedicated members make the experience one that will set us apart from the competition.


The greatest joy in life is making a difference in the world. The company hopes to be seen as a part of the community and to assist in any way we can. Being an agent gives us the rare opportunity to meet so many people. It also gives us an influential role within the community, which we believe makes it our duty to give back as much as we can.

We will live and breathe the motto "If we CAN help, we WILL"

We don’t want to be the biggest; however, we will strive to be the best for our team, the community, and for the company's clients. Real estate should be exciting, and we hope to bring that happiness and positivity back into the industry.